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0.5 cubic metre of hardwood logs – firewood

£50.00 inc VAT

We believe that there is a lot of confusion on quantities of logs or firewood. We sell our logs and firewood by using a IBC cage this helps us season the wood. An IBC is a meter square so we sell our logs or firewood by the cubic meter, when buying your logs or firewood ensure they are selling it by the cubic meter and not sq meter, there is a significant difference nearly 0.4 of a cubic meter.

If you look at the images you will see for your self the difference in size. If we state .5 cubic meter you will be buying half an IBC of logs or firewood.
Free local delivery on orders on or above 1.0 cubic metre.

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Product Description

Hardwood Logs & Firewood. Larger quantities available upon request.
All logs are split between 7″ & 9″ have being air dried seasoned and are ready to burn.
Hardwood logs consist of Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore & Birch.
Prices include VAT.


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