Logs & Firewood Only £84.00 per cubic metre.

Winter’s just around the corner and it’s time to stock up on Hardwood Logs and FirewoodBut there’s a big problem if your buying your Logs or Firewood in bulk, builders or dumpy bags?
How much are you getting just look at the image we sell our logs by a cubic metre in IBC cages which are 1 cubic metre square. At the side is a builders bulk bag? The question is if petrol was £1.50 a litre but at the next petrol station it was £1.00 per litre where would you go to fill up?

Our Logs and Firewood is only £84.00 per cubic metre take a look at the photo to see how much you are getting!

We deliver FREE locally within a eight mile radius dependent on quantity and just a small charge from there. So why not give us a call on 07977 114 605, drop us an email at services@sdmtreeservices.co.uk or buy online at www.sdmtreeservices.co.uk.